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zquiet snoring solutionUnrelenting and loud snoring is not only a problem for people who hear it, but also a serious cry for help from someone who is struggling for air during sleep. Snoring is not something that should be laughed at or cause anger, but a condition that must be recognized as a dangerous sign. The problem with most people who snore in their sleep is that they do not know that they snore loudly. If you hear them, it is time to help them with the top snoring mouthpiece from ZQuiet.

What Is Zquiet And How Can It Help Cure Snoring?

ZQuiet has one of the most advanced concepts among today’s mandibular advancement device or MADs and is the most successful anti-snoring device in America. It is perfectly designed not to cure snoring but to hold the lower jaw forward and keep the airway free from any obstruction that causes someone to snore.

During sleep, the muscles in the body relax, including the jaws. When the jaw muscles are relaxed, the jaw falls back, allowing the soft palate to come together with the uvula to vibrate against the throat tissue. The base of the tongue will also begin to block the airway; thus, causing someone to snore. The loud snoring can be an indication that the base of the tongue obstructs the airway, causing a bigger threat. However, with Zquiet, it holds the jaw forward without causing any risks, such as bleeding gums, loss of teeth, and discomforts associated with other MADs.

What makes ZQuiet OutPerform Other MADs?

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If you have been using MAD products or are familiar with them, then, you probably know that most of them use the “boil-and-bite” technique to produce a custom fit. However, with ZQuiet, everything is completely different. You do not need any special fitting, molding, or any special preparation before using. All you need to do is pull it out from its box and it can readily be used.

What else is unique about ZQuiet? Aside from its medically graded plastic, which is FDA approved, it is the most effective mouthpiece that is thin, flexible, light, and springy. In comparison to other MAD products, ZQuiet is much more convenient and comfortable to use.

How to use the mouthpiece

Again, ZQuiet is ready to use as a mouthpiece. You do not need to boil or mold it, just simply pull it out from the box and use it. Also, the simple design has a longer lifespan than any other MADs; so, do not worry about pieces that can be broken or lost.

How much is ZQuiet?

ZQuiet has an amazing trial offer of $9.95 for 30 days and will continue at a very fair price of $79.95.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the product?

Advantages of ZQuiet:

  • Non-irritating and safe mouthpiece

ZQuiet is made from a thermoplastic elastomer which is a non-BPA and non-latex. Also, the mouthpiece is very comfortable to use with a soft rubbery feeling that makes it safe to use even with sensitive gums.

  • Made with Living Hinge Technology

This feature enables the mouthpiece user to naturally move his or her mouth without any discomfort, unlike other MADs. Plus, if you want to speak or drink water, you do not need to take the mouthpiece off since it is flexible enough.

  • Airflow posts that ensure airflow

Also, one of the biggest known advantages of the mouthpiece is it is easy for you to breathe since there are airflow posts in front that ensures a continuous flow of oxygen.

  • Designed with Class II medical device and approved by FDA
  • Ready to use without any additional fitting preparation

Also, the soft mouthpiece can easily be filed or trimmed according to the mouthpiece user’s preference.

  • Easy to clean by using a mild soap.
  • The mouthpiece was designed by experienced dentists who specialize in sleep medicine.

Disadvantages of ZQuiet:

  • If you wear dentures, you can never use ZQuiet. Also, even though it is known as the most comfortable MAD, people with weak or loose teeth can never use it.
  • It has “one-size-fits-all” features that may not fit everyone. Although it has easy to cut and file to adjust, there are still possibilities that it may not achieve the desired quality fit and some may seem so small.
  • Like any other MAD, the first couple of weeks may be hard due to jaw soreness and drool; thus, you should be prepared for the adjustment week.
  • If you decided that the product does not work for you, you can return the product. However, shipping charges are non-refundable.

ZQuiet Results

Why ZQuiet?

The advantage of ZQuiet is that it does not act as a mouthpiece like most mouthpieces do. In other words, with the softness and flexibility of the mouthpiece, you will never feel like you are wearing a mouthpiece like those other hard and stationary MADs.

What are people saying about ZQuiet?

ZQuiet is now gaining too much popularity for people who want to get rid of snoring problems. According to some ZQuiet reviews, a few days after comfortably using the mouthpiece, there was an obvious decrease in their snoring.

Although there is an obviously uncomfortable feeling during the first few days, several users stated that with the right fit of ZQuiet, all the snoring stops and they have noticed that there are fewer sleep interruptions since they have been using the device.

Conclusion and Recommendation

People who have endured nights with the horrible sound of snoring can be helped with the most effective, comfortable, easy, and safe mouthpiece – ZQuiet. Looking at the advantages of ZQuiet and comparing it to other MADs will help you to see that you have finally found the right product.

This highly recommended mouthpiece has a trial offer of $9.95. So, if you have stumbled into several mouthpieces, but you were not satisfied because of their uncomfortable fits, you can always give ZQuiet a try, especially with its 30 days low cost trial offer. You will be glad that you have given ZQuiet a chance to solve your snoring once and for all. It will not only help stop snores but also keep you and your loved ones from any ill effects that unrelenting snoring will eventually lead to.








      Easy to Breath


        Easy to Clean



          • Made of soft and non-irritating material
          • Best for person with small or weak lower jaw
          • Allow to speak,breathe through mouth
          • Easily customize,trimmed,fiiled
          • 30-day free trial offer only at shipping charge


          • Not recommended to wear with weak teeth.
          • Jack Stevens

            How does Zquiet address my snoring problem? I have this issue for years now. It’s not a big deal for me when I was still single. But now that I am married, my wife complains that my loud snore keeps her from having a good night sleep. Hope you can help.

            • John

              Hi Jack,
              You are not alone in your problem. In fact, in U.S. alone, there are more than 90 million people who are suffering the same issue. But worry no more since there are tools you can use to stop your snoring problem. ZQuiet works through jaw stabilization, bringing the jaw forward. By preventing this part from falling back, it allows the airway to open up at the back part of the throat. Hence, it allows air to go through freely, preventing occurrence of harsh vibration. This will also alleviate snoring so you can enjoy a silent sleep every night.

          • namrata

            ZQuiet is simply amazing! And the best part of it is that my husband can now sleep peacefully every night. I
            was so desperate to put an end to my husband snoring problem to the extent of seeking medical help and having my husband sleep monitored. He was told that he would need a plate amounting to $1500 and he honestly told them that he don’t have enough budget for it. To his relief, he happen to watch a TV ad about ZQuiet and decided to give it a try. He admits that during the first few nights, it was a somewhat uncomfortable to use. But he never regret using it since his sleep has been so much better since then.

            • John

              Hi Namrata,
              Your experience will surely be of great help to others who are going through the same dilemma. With regards to comfort, ZQuiet was built with “2 Step Comfort System”. It comes with 2 distinct mouthpieces that will treat snoring not just effectively but comfortably as well. You may need a little adjustment to it until it comes with a customized fit that’s perfect for you. This is small and soft so it should be comfortable to wear. After all, this was designed by a dentist with years of experience in his field. This is also FDA regulated with a patented design that allows free movement of your jaw. Hence, regardless if you want to sleep with your mouth open (or closed), you can always do so.

          • Diana Rob

            Hi John,
            The smaller one fits best for me. My dental hygienist friend told me the importance of proper mouth care before and after wearing the device. You know, flossing, brushing and mouthwash must be done before and after use to prevent the bacteria from gathering on the mouthpiece area. It did help me. I don’t want to give up ZQuiet since it works wonders for me. So, I just did my part instead by taking care of my teeth so they won’t be compromised when I am using ZQuiet.

            • John

              Hi Diana,

              Thanks for sharing your experience.

          • Kathleen Clark

            The reviews have convinced me enough to buy the product. However, I have one concern. I am wearing braces so I am not sure if this works for me.

            • John

              Hi Kathleen,
              Some of its users are wearing braces like you. However, take note that ZQuiet may work differently from one person to another. If your teeth are the sensitive type then this device might not be the best for you. But don’t lose hope if in case this product is not ideal for you. You can always look for another option. I suggest trying Good Morning Snore Solution too.

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