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Snoring has become a very common condition, one that affects men and women as well. It is true that it appears with more precedence in men who are overweight and it also worsens as you age, but it is also true that snoring can be controlled. If you snore every once in a while, this is not a big problem but when your snoring has become so loud and so constant that it affects the night sleep of your partner, it is clear that you need to do something about it fast.

So, are you wondering what causes snoring? Well, snoring appears when the air flow in your mouth or nose is obstructed, so this is the main cause of this condition. The air flow can be obstructed as result of numerous factors, so check out the list below in order to better understand the picture.

1.Obstructed nasal airways during allergy seasons- some people have this problem only during the seasons that are known as allergy seasons or they snore as result of an infection of the sinuses.

  1. Bulky throat issues- it is not a secret anymore that a lot of people snore because they are overweight and the diameter of their throat is much reduced because of this.


  1. Long soft palate or long uvula- when you have an unexpectedly long soft palate or a long uvula, you basically have some extra tissue that will dangle in the back of your mouth. As a result of this, the mouth opening is much reduced and snoring appears.
  2. Throat and tongue muscles that are not toned- when your throat muscles and your t
  3. Tongue muscles are not toned, you will surely develop issues that will lead to snoring.

These are just the factors that lead to snoring but are you aware of the health risks that snoring can bring, especially when you ignore it? Unfortunately, snoring is a condition that can lead to health problems, which is one of the main reasons why you need to address it as fast as possible. Yes, it is true that a lot of people think that snoring is only an unpleasant condition for the person who sleeps next to them but the truth is that snoring can also cause serious health problems. Here are just some of them:

  • Breathing interruptions- this is, perhaps, one of the most serious health risks connected to snoring. Partial or total blockage of your airways can be caused while snoring, which means that for a few seconds, you won’t breathe. This can lead to severe side effects on your brain and on other important organs.
  • Heart failure- the constant blocking of the airways puts a big strain on the heart, causing high blood pressure and heart enlargement. Of course, this will increase the risk of heart failure, as well as the risk of stroke.
  • Poor quality of sleep- when you snore, you don’t enjoy a quality night’s sleep. It is obvious that this will lead to the constant feeling of being tired, which will reduce your efficiency during the day and your capacity to focus on what you are doing. You are even under the risk of being involved in a car accident simply because you are too tired and you can’t concentrate on driving.

Are you wondering how snoring can be controlled? Are you ready to learn more about what can be done in order to keep your snoring problem under control? Specialists recommend you to avoid alcohol, to try to lose weight if you are overweight, to try to change your sleep position and the pillow you sleep on and to try to follow a healthy sleep routine by adding some hours to your sleep program and by trying to go to sleep at normal hours of the evening. If you have tried all these already and they are not working, then the best option for you is a mouthpiece.

The mouthpiece is a device that is especially designed to open your airways and to keep them open during your sleep. There are plenty of devices of this type available on the market but we strongly recommend you to check out some VitalSleep vs. ZQuiet reviews. These are two of the best mouthpiece devices now available on the market and you should learn more about them. By doing some additional reading, you will understand that they are both made of medical-grade material that is BPA free, as well as latex free, they are both flexible, even though there is a difference in them, as ZQuiet allows you to open and close your mouth, to drink water and talk, while VitalSleep is a little bit more rough, they are both accepted by the Food and Drug Administration and they both have a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are interested in a device that can be adjusted, then VitalSleep should be your choice and if you are interested in customizing the product, we will again mention VitalSleep. Even though they both represent a wise investment when it comes to mouthpieces, it is clear that you should choose the product that best fits your needs and preferences.



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