Types of Sleep Disorders and Efficient Treatments

Numerous people experience some sort of sleep problem at one time or another. Most of the times, these sleep problems appear as result of stress, travel, an illness or a temporary interruption of your routine. However, if you are dealing with sleep problems on a regular basis, this is a clear sign that you might be suffering from a sleep disorder. This is a serious matter that requires your entire attention because what you need to understand is the fact that a sleep disorder can take a huge toll on your physical, mental and emotional health. An untreated sleep disorder will lead to high blood pressure, weight gain, memory problems and huge, negative impacts on your immune system, on your heart, your energy levels and your mood. A lot of people dealing with a severe sleep disorder have constant mood changes they are aware of but that they can’t control, they have a very low interest in life in general, they are irritable and experience feelings of sadness and depression with no clear reason. Do you understand how much a sleep disorder can change you as a person? Do you understand what a huge impact a sleep disorder can have on your overall health? If you understand the severity of this problem and you understand the fact that some additional information on the topic is absolutely necessary, then you need to do some additional reading on the matter. You need to learn more about the signs and symptoms of sleep disorders, find out more about types of sleep disorders that can affect you and get helpful information on efficient treatments now available on the market.

Signs and symptoms

  • Irritability, feeling sleepy during the day
  • Difficulties in concentrating
  • Slow reaction
  • Difficulties in staying awake while watching TV, reading or while sitting still
  • Feeling asleep and tired while driving
  • Difficulties in controlling emotions
  • The need of a lot of caffeinated beverages in order to cope with your daily tasks

If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, it is clear that you are being affected by a sleep disorder. The only problem is that you need to find out what type of sleep disorder affects you, as the list is very long. This is why it is important to learn more about the types of sleep disorders that can affect humans and determine which of them is the one affecting your body. By knowing which type of sleep disorder affects your body, you can opt for the right treatment, the one that will efficiently get this health issue treated.

Types of sleep disorders

INSOMNIA- this is one of the most common types of sleep disorders. Insomnia is the inability to sleep or sleep well at night and it is mainly caused by stress. It can also be caused by another health condition that is affecting your body, by medications or by the amount of coffee you drink. Regardless of what the cause of your insomnia problem is, you should know that it can be treated, in most cases, by simply improving your sleep hygiene, by revising your daytime habits and by learning to relax, at least when you get home from a long day at work. Most insomnia cases are treated without the help of sleeping pills.

SLEEP APNEA- this is a common, very scary but treatable sleep disorder in which your breathing temporarily stops during sleep, thus awakening you. Most people suffering from sleep apnea don’t remember the often awakenings during the night but when they wake up in the morning, they feel very tired and irritable. Sleep apnea is a potentially life-threatening disorder so it is obvious that you need professional help.

RESTLESS LEGS SYNDROME- this sleep disorder causes an irresistible urge to move your arms and your legs at night. This urge is caused by tingly, uncomfortable, aching or creeping sensations your body gets during the sleep. The good news about RLS is that it can be treated with sleeping pills or self-help remedies you can use at home.

NARCOLEPSY- this sleep disorder involves excessive, incontrollable daytime sleepiness. Narcolepsy is caused by a brain dysfunction in the mechanism that controls sleeping and waking. You will get sleep attacks while walking, driving or even in the middle of talking. This sleep disorder is a highly dangerous one; imagine what can happen if you get a sleep attack while driving. Although a cure doesn’t yet exist for this sleep disorder, you can at least control the symptoms to a certain degree by using a combination of treatments.

DELAYED SLEEP PHASE DISORDER- this very strange sleep disorder manifests through the inability of the person to sleep before a certain hour in the morning. Most people suffering from delayed sleep phase disorder can’t get to sleep earlier than 2 to 6 a.m., no matter what they do and no matter how tired they are.

SHIFT WORK SLEEP DISORDER- this is a sleep disorder that occurs only when your work schedule and your biological clock are out of sync. Numerous people work night shifts or early morning shifts so even though their bodies are telling them to go to sleep, they simply can’t. This is how the shift work sleep disorder appears.


When you are diagnosed with a sleep disorder, a very serious one, you need to start treatment as fast as possible. If you ignore the idea of a treatment, you should expect for terrible effects on your body. A treatment is absolutely necessary and this is the reason why you should accept the idea of its introducing in your daily diet. There are a few products now available on the market that deserve your attention and we would like to share some details on some of them.

ZQUIET- this is a great anti-snoring device. If you snore and the heavy snoring is affecting your own sleep, as well as the sleep of your partner, consider the idea of testing ZQuiet. This device is designed to hold your lower jaw in a forward position, thus widening the airway. The FDA has declared that the material ZQuiet is made of is safe and they agree with the fact that this is a device that efficiently achieves its intended purpose. In simpler words, this is a device that works and that is 100% safe.

PureSleep is another device that intends to hold your lower jaw in a forward position. This device is also efficient for people who are dealing with severe snoring problems. What is very important for you to know about this product is that it is basically a self-molded retained that can be customized using the boil-and-bite technique. The customization process is quite simple and easy to complete and what is absolutely great about the device is that its price is highly affordable. You should try it because:

  • Its air hole allows you to breathe through the mouth
  • It is cleared by the FDA
  • Its life expectancy is anywhere between 6 and 9 months
  • You can test the product for 30 days for only $9.95

Chin Strap is the last snoring device we would like to propose. This device is fitted around your head using straps, thus keeping the product in place while you sleep. This device has a bottom portion that does down and around your jaw, holding your mouth in a closed position while you sleep. The lower jaw will be held in place and you won’t be snoring anymore. What is great about this product is that it doesn’t require customization, so it might be easier for you to use it in the detriment of other devices that do require customization.

In which concerns the sleeping pills required for the treatment of other sleep disorders, it is important to follow the doctor’s recommendation. A sleep disorder is a severe health issue that requires medical attention so if your body is sending you signs that this is a problem affecting you, then you should schedule an appointment with a doctor. It is very important to receive a clear, correct diagnosis and to follow the doctor’s recommendation in which concerns the sleeping pills. The doctor knows exactly what the right dose is for you and knows exactly what type of sleeping pills to prescribe you so that the disorder can efficiently be treated. Try to understand the fact that the use of sleeping pills is extremely dangerous as long as you are not monitored by a doctor.


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