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You are a snorer and you hate it. You hate it because it is disturbing your partner and you have started to even sleep in separate rooms because of this. What kind of relationship is this? Is this the main reason why you are now ready to try anything that can stop your snoring? Well, there are a few devices on the market that claim to be highly efficient but you need to learn which of them best fits your needs and preferences. They all have their unique features and since the offer available is so diverse, one of them surely matches your needs. However, if you want to find the device that is best for you, then you will first have to learn more about what causes your snoring. There are a few factors that could have led to this problem, so here is the list.

1.Weight- if you have gained a lot of weight in the last months, then this is one of the causes that have led to your snoring. Of course, it is important for you to lose the weight as fast as possible but until you do, a quality snoring device can help you.

  1. Age- as you age, your nasal passage becomes narrower and narrower. This is the explanation to the fact that it is more likely for an older person to snore than it is for someone who is still young.
  2. Alcohol and medication- it is widely known that alcohol relaxes the muscles. Of course, the throat muscles don’t represent an exception to the rule. This is why your throat muscles will vibrate as you breathe, which will lead to snoring. Certain types of pills can have the same effect, which is why we strongly advise you to only take a medication treatment that has been prescribed by a professional.
  3. Sinus problems- if you have sinus problems, then it is easy to understand what causes your snoring.
  4. The position in which you sleep can also lead to your snoring problem. If you usually sleep on the back, then your throat muscles will be very relaxed and the same effect of alcohol and certain medications will appear: your muscles will vibrate.

Efficient solutions

Are you searching for an efficient solution to your snoring? Are you desperate to solve the problem because it is disturbing your partner and causing tensions in the relationship? If the situation is so serious, then what we can recommend you is to opt for a snoring device. If you want to first opt for other solutions that might solve the problem, then here are a few things that you can do:

  • Lose weight- it doesn’t matter that you are not overweight. If you have gained weight in the last few months, then you surely have fat built up around the throat, fat that causes the throat muscles to vibrate. Any pound less counts.
  • Change your sleep position- choose to sleep on a side, even though it is quite difficult as you love to sleep on your back and sleep with your head a little bit more elevated than usual. This will help open up the nasal passages.
  • Essential oils- use a humidifier in the bedroom. This will help you prevent your throat from becoming dry and it will help keep the nasal passages open.



We have finally reached the device that all specialists are now talking about. Mouthpieces have been launched on the market a few years ago and since then, they have gained a lot of attention. This is because, without a doubt, the mouthpiece is the most efficient snoring solution now available on the market. Don’t you want to learn more about it? I know that the idea of using a device while sleeping seems a little bit uncomfortable, but these devices have been especially designed to eliminate any type of discomfort that you might feel while wearing them, so they really deserve your attention. There are a few types of snoring devices now available on the market, so you should read a little bit more about each of them, as this will help you understand which of these devices best fits your needs and preferences. Here they are.

MADs–  Mandibular Advancement Devices are devices that force the lower jaw forward. Some popular MAD devices are the Zyppah and ZQuiet. Check out our Zyppah Rx Reviews and our ZQuiet reviews to see which suits you best.

Chain straps– the role of a chain strap is to stabilize your jaw. If your jaw moves a lot while you sleep, this causes vibration and vibration causes snoring. This is why a chain strap is so efficient. It might sound to be something strange or harsh, but you will fast realize that this device is actually very modern and that it is quite comfortable.

CPAP– this is a device that comes under the form of a mask which you will have to wear over your face. This is actually a machine that has the role to increase the air pressure inside your throat. By doing this, the machine will basically help the airways stay as open as possible. It is true that you will feel uncomfortable wearing the mask for a few night, but you will quickly get accustomed to it and what is great about this device is that its efficiency cannot be rivaled.

These are the machines that can improve the quality of your sleep by reducing your snoring, but we would like to talk to you about one more thing: bedding. Did you know that you might not be alone in the bed, even though it seems like it? The problem is that your bedding might be packed with mites and allergens without you even knowing it. This is the reason why professionals recommend those who have snoring problems to opt for hypoallergenic materials for their bedding. Of course, they are a little bit more expensive than other bedding options but they are worth every single penny.

Snoring is a widely spread problem that specialists have managed to better understand in the last few years. It is now very clear to everyone what causes snoring and it is thanks to this knowledge that professionals have managed to design efficient tools that can solve the problem. Check out all these tools, as they can help you forget about your snoring problem once and for all!



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