Snoring and its Medical Cures


Snoring is a widely spread condition that can affect the overall health of the person suffering from it, as well as the couple’s relationship. When one of the partner snores so loudly that the other partner has to move to another bedroom in order to get some sleep, then the situation is severe and it clearly causes some very serious relationship issues. Snoring is a problem that appears when the muscles around the neck and the throat vibrate. The vibration of these muscles is what causes snoring. While some people snore very quietly and their partners can’t even hear, there are others who snore extremely loud and for whom this problem has become a very serious one. The main issue is that loud snoring can affect your partner, especially if your partner doesn’t fall asleep very deep and can hear noises around and it can affect your health, as your sleep quality will be severely affected and you will constantly wake up feeling tired and experiencing headaches. This is the main reason why snoring is a problem that needs to be addressed as fast as possible. Not to mention that recent studies show that people who snore have a 67% higher risk of suffering from a stroke than people who don’t snore. Do you now understand how dangerous snoring can be, especially if you choose to ignore it?

What is great about snoring is that in the last few years, professionals have started to better understand it by discovering all the causes that lead to it. By knowing the causes, it has been easier for specialists to design medical cures that prove to actually be highly efficient. If you snore so loudly that it is already causing you health problems and relationship problems, then you should not waste time anymore and learn more about these medical cures now available on the market. Some of them might sound to be a little bit strange, but you can be sure of the fact that there is one that perfectly suits your needs and preferences, one that will efficiently get this problem solved for you. Here are some extra details on some of the most efficient medical cures for snoring now available on the market.

CPAP– this is a device that comes under the form of a mask, a mask which you will have to wear over the face. This device is especially designed for people suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, a condition that causes the stop of your breathing for a few seconds. Your breathing can stop even for about 10 seconds, which is extremely dangerous for all your organs. This is why obstructive sleep apnea is a condition that you need to treat as fast as you are diagnosed with it in order to avoid severe health effects. So, what is the CPAP and how does it work? The CPAP is basically a machine that has the role to increase the air pressure inside your throat. By doing this, it prevents the airways from closing, so you won’t experience anymore the stop of breath during the sleep. What is important for you to understand is that the CPAP machine has been designed for people suffering from sleep apnea but it has proved to be efficient for people who snore from other reasons as well. The CPAP machine can be used for:

  • People who snore because their tongue slips to the back of the mouth
  • People who are suffering from weakness of throat muscles
  • People whose throat muscles have been affected by alcohol or certain medication
  • People who snore because they have gained weight and the fat around the neck and the throat area is narrowing their air passage.


Mandibular Advancement Device

This is a device that will be custom made by a dentist. It is basically a mold that pushes your jaw forward, a device thanks to which the upper airway size is significantly increased. If you consider the CPAP to be an uncomfortable, even aggressive medical cure to snoring, the mandibular advancement device is a tool that you can easily get accustomed with, a tool that will feel uncomfortable for a few nights but that you won’t even feel anymore if you constant use it. Of course, combined with a healthy lifestyle change that can help you lose weight, the mandibular advancement device is highly efficient.

UPPP- Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty

The UPPP is a surgical procedure that aims to remove the extra, unnecessary tissue in your throat. If a doctor discovers that you have this extra, unnecessary tissue, then you will probably be recommended to undergo this surgical procedure. By removing the tissue, your airways will be expanded and this will solve your snoring problem with success.

This surgical procedure is not extremely common, as it is only used for patients who are dealing with what is considered to be extreme snoring. However, if your doctor recommends it, then it is best for you to undergo the procedure, as it is clear that your situation is a very serious one and you have reached a level at which only surgery can help you solve the problem.

LUAP- Laser Uvulopalatoplasty

This is another type of surgical procedure, a less invasive one compared to the UPPP, a procedure that can be performed with a laser. As you probably already know, laser procedures are not highly invasive and most of them are performed under local anesthesia. As result of this, it is easier for your body to support the procedure. The main role of this procedure is to shorten your uvula, thus removing the obstruction that causes your snoring. The recovery is fast, so if your doctor considers that you should undergo a LUAP procedure, then you should do this.

Anti-snoring pillows

As strange as it sounds, specialists have designed an anti-snoring pillow. Recent studies show that a lot of people snore because of their sleep position. The role of the anti-snoring pillow is to support your neck in a position that will help keep the airway passage open. When you sleep on your back, your tongue slips in the back of the mouth, so this obstructs the airway passage, causing snoring. The pillow solves the problem by keeping the airways passage as open as possible, so this is why it is so efficient. It is thanks to this pillow that you will enjoy a quality, resting sleep and it is thanks to it that you will feel comfortable. If you are reticent about trying one of the medical cures mentioned above as they seem to be too radical, then you should first try to solve your snoring problem with an anti-snoring pillow. You will surely experience good results.





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