Smart Nora Anti-Snoring Pillow System Review

A beautiful music played at night can stimulate the subconscious to weave beautiful, colored dreams that make one sleep well and wake up invigorated. The opposite happens if the sound is loud, unmelodious, and obnoxious such as in the case of snoring.

Snoring is technically caused by two principal factors: the vibrations of the soft or weakened muscle tissues at the back of the throat and the presence of obstructions along the airway that force down the air in the airway. Lying flat on one’s back is also a reason for snoring as it causes the tongue to be pushed down the throat, thereby constricting the passageway.

Snoring is common and doesn’t usually require medical attention. Nevertheless, if it becomes severe, it could be an indication of an even bigger health risk. Hence, it’s important to look for ways for one to stop snoring.

Snoring due to temporary causal factors does not require medical treatment. Only some practical, easy solutions would suffice. As mentioned earlier, snoring is due to the vibration of soft muscle tissues behind the throat and/or the constriction of the airway. Knowing these would help you stop snoring without spending too much on complicated medical attention and sleepless nights.

One of the best ways to stop snoring is by using a special pillow like the Smart Nora Anti-Snoring Pillow System. First, though, you need to know what the general concept is behind an anti-snoring pillow.

What Is an Anti-Snoring Pillow?

A stop snoring pillow is not as ordinary as it looks. It was first developed with an intention to help mild symptoms of acid reflux that was observed to relieve snoring too. Much recent technical advancement was integrated for it to be more useful.

One is the ergonomic design that pushes and keeps the jaw in a forward position that will make the airway unobstructed. The pillow also removes pressure from the throat by keeping the head and neck aligned. It is also designed in such a way to resist movement, yet still offers a support to jaw and mouth should it happen.

An anti-snore pillow that is made by up of foam gives better support to the head and neck so that the airway will not be constricted yet other materials are coming out to further address snoring. The use of brilliant innovations like the computerized stop snoring pillow that has audible system detection works when the person snores and reacts by creating vibrations.

This lets the snorer find a better position in order to stop snoring. Anti-snoring hotels in the UK adopted many innovations, including an anti-snoring pillow that uses rare neodymium magnets to create a natural magnetic field that effectively distend the airways and firm up the upper palate to prevent its vibration to prevent snoring.

Then there is the Smart Nora Anti-Snoring Pillow System that works by tracking your snoring pattern while you sleep and only “reacts” when your snoring becomes too much to handle, quite impressive, right?

Many generally prefer a stop snoring pillow because not only is it a simple solution packing a lot of sense, but it is also cheaper and more effective because of the comfort it gives.

How Does the Smart Nora System Work?

The entire Smart Nora System is comprised of two parts – the “Pebble”, which you could position on your bedside table, and a pillow insert, which you would place inside your pillowcase, preferably where it will not be too uncomfortable for you. The Pebble has in it a microphone that monitors or tracks your snoring all through the night.

It’s advisable that you charge the Pebble a few hours before using it. There is a USB cable provided, and you just need to plug it into the Nora base to charge. You also need to connect the pillow insert to the base, plug the base into the wall, and place the insert in your pillow to start using.

Your snoring needs to reach a certain volume level, and once it does, the Pebble would detect the loud sound and send a signal to the pillow insert through Bluetooth. When the pillow receives the signal, the insert would automatically inflate to elevate your head a few inches. This action would open up your airways, thereby allowing air to pass freely and reducing vibrations in your throat. You can adjust the sensitivity of the Pebble so it wouldn’t catch other noises apart from your snoring.

What Can the Smart Nora Do for You?

As soon as you start snoring loudly, the pillow insert of the Smart Nora System would inflate to elevate your head a few inches. As a result, your airways would open up, allowing air to flow smoothly. Hence, there will be little to know vibrations in your throat.

If your snoring problem has gotten out of hand and you have been snoring really loud, you can adjust the sensitivity setting of the Pebble. Thus, you can say it’s custom-fit for you. The best part is it can reduce your snoring significantly, giving you the soundless sleep you deserve. Moreover, there is the lack of invasiveness with the Smart Nora unlike if you’ll use a chinstrap or a mouthpiece to stop your snoring.

Pros and Cons of Smart Nora Anti-Snoring System

You know the saying, “You can’t have your cake and eat it, too”? Well, that somehow applies to the Smart Nora in that there are advantages and disadvantages to using or owning it. Check these out:


High Tech
It features a sleek design, but more than that, the overall technology of the Smart Nora makes it a cut above the rest. The fact that it activates only when your snoring hits its loudest and automatically does its job makes it worth every dollar spent.

The automatic activation of the inflatable insert once an abnormal level of snoring is detected helps you reduce or stop your snoring by elevating your head to loosen up the air passage. You can sleep soundlessly and never have to worry about cumbersome contraptions in your mouth or on your chin.

Unlike a chinstrap that you have to attach to your chin or a mouthpiece that you need to wear while you sleep, you would barely feel that you’re using the Smart Nora. Some anti-snoring mouthpieces make it difficult for users to swallow, so they drool, thereby disrupting their sleep. However, with the Smart Nora, you can fall asleep easily with no disruptions or distractions.


Confusing Status Lights
The status lights are a bit confusing, so it might require a trial and error session for you to figure out the right settings in order to get the most out of the device.

Not for Light Snorers
If you’re a light snorer, there’s a chance the microphone in the Pebble won’t pick up your snoring. The sensitivity has to be adjusted right so that it picks up your snoring, when it’s at its loudest, and not other noises in the room.

Complex Setup
Unless you read the fine print, you wouldn’t know that you have to charge the device (Pebble) prior to use. Moreover, some of the testing buttons don’t work well.

Charging Time
The Pebble, which serves as the microphone that picks up the sound of your snore, needs to be charged every five to seven days.

Proper Placement of Pillow Insert
You need to place the pillow insert under your pillow precisely under your head. Otherwise, it won’t work to reposition your head as soon as it inflates. This could pose problems if you don’t stay still on your pillow.

What the Customers Have to Say about the Device

John from Texas gave all praises for the fast delivery of the Smart Nora, which he ordered online. He also says the 30-day return policy is a comforting reassurance that he won’t be wasting money in case the unit doesn’t work for him.

Nora from New York complained that the system was a tad complicated to set up, possibly because of poor labeling or incomplete instructions. Thus, he had to test it several times before he could get it to work properly.

David from Salt Lake, Utah said the Pebble needs to be positioned very near the snorer and its sensitivity adjusted accordingly, otherwise, it would react to external factors and not the actual snoring. He also said it would require time and effort before the optimal settings for the device are achieved.

Dan from Los Angeles California said the few inches of extra elevation when the pillow insert inflated helped a lot to stop his snoring. He said the device activated quickly as soon as his snoring hit the loudest. He is also all praises for the non-invasiveness of the product, which he said set the device apart from other anti-snoring systems.

Final Words

If you want to stop or reduce your snoring without cumbersome contraptions, then you should give Smart Nora a try. With the 30-day return policy, you can gauge its level of effectiveness minus the needless spending.

Smart Nora Anti-Snoring Pillow System Review




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