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It’s no secret that a good night’s sleep drastically improves the quality of life during a person’s waking hours. With so many sleeping advice around the Internet, one would eventually find himself drifting off to regular sleeping patterns in due time. Unfortunately, no amount of sleeping tips can help a person who sleeps with a loud snorer. The snoring person may have found peace in their sleeping pattern and wake up to a fresh start in the morning. But the person they sleep beside with won’t be able to. And this is where Puresleep Mouthguard comes in. Manufacturers of this mouthguard boast the quality and pure sleep that people who sleep with snorers will appreciate a lot.

How it works

Usually, the loud snoring sound that people make is due to breathing into and out of the nostrils and mouth at the same time. This produces a glottal vibration that is a characteristic of a snore’s croaky sound. Sometimes low pitched, sometimes at a funny high pitch. On the other hand, you need to know that there are also people who are able to produce snoring sounds even if they breathed in either the nostrils or the mouth. The mouth guard works by opening up the mouth a bit, as well as any part of the passageway that may be constricting air flow. And this then lets air pass through without impediments.

What it can do

Using Puresleep Mouthguard can increase the quality of sleep of anyone who sleeps with a snorer. And the snorer can also expect to get better sleep because of the efficiency on how their air passages are able to take in and expel air. Some snorers who use it eventually end up not being dependent on the device. But snorers shouldn’t get their hopes up and expect to permanently cure their snoring just because of an item that helps them avert it.

What is so special about it?

Puresleep Mouthguard is just one of the many solutions in the market for snorers. But one of the reasons that make it special is its customizability through the ‘boil and bite’ molding technique. This is done by boiling water and then dropping the mouthpiece into it to soften the mouthpiece. This prepares the firmness of the material so that customers can then bite into it wherein the resulting mouthpiece will already match their bite perfectly.


First and foremost, it should be said that there are mouthpieces and other costly solutions that can cost up to $400. The Puresleep Mouthguard offers their mouthpiece at an affordable price of $59.90. And while that’s the price of one mouthpiece, they are practically slashing away half of the price by adding in an extra mouthpiece for the same price. Of course, customers have to add a bit more for the cost of shipping, but nothing in excess of $10. Hesitant customers can try the mouthpiece for 30 days basically for free. The only cost they’d have to cover for the testing period is shipping, which is $9.95.

Side effects

One would expect that the seemingly obstructive nature of a mouthpiece, worn overnight, will have adverse effects that are either immediately observable or will become apparent in the long run. However, there are absolutely no noted side effects with extensive testing of the product as well as with customer testimonies. There are some who reported having experienced discomfort. But discomfort is really something that’s going to be something that goes along with putting a foreign object in the mouth. Even perfectly-installed braces by an experienced orthodontist will make anyone experience sleeplessness the first few nights because of the awkward feel of it.

Why it’s worth buying

This particular product can offer so much when it comes to abating snoring. The issue isn’t just snoring itself but also the implication of people in proximity who can’t get enough sleep because of it. With a price as low as $59, it’s obvious that this mouthguard is worth investing money for, more so because of the amazing two-for-the-price-of-one offer.

Users’ reviews

Regardless of how great this product is advertised by the manufacturer, it’s even better if customers read up on user reviews first. In fact, manufacturers recommend doing so to make their customers feel more confident with their purchase. As if their offer of a free 30-day trial isn’t enough reason for their assurance that their mouthpiece is amazing.

Where to buy

Puresleep provides different channels that customers can buy their product from. The mouthguard can be bought from the Internet, or over the phone. It should be noted, however, that ones that are ordered from the World Wide Web typically arrives at a sooner time, usually around a couple of weeks. Ones ordered through the phone, in comparison, takes about four weeks to arrive at the customer’s doorstep. With the Internet being accessible to almost everyone, it’s pretty obvious which of the two is a better option.

Final words

Snorers who feel hesitant in getting their first (and effectively, their second thanks to the ‘two-for-one’ offer) mouthguard from Puresleep should realize that snoring isn’t something that their immediate family finds endearing. It’s embarrassing and can put a strain on a marriage. The partner who is kept awake by loud snoring is definitely going to feel cranky from lack of a good sleep. As funny as it sounds, some trivial banter in the home might just lead to full-blown screaming contests between spouses just because of the frustrations that originate for the lack of quality shut-eye.

Buying a mouthguard doesn’t really cost that much, to begin with. It’s a reasonable purchase with benefits that can improve the lifestyle of the person using it as well as the people around him. It’s amazing at how every aspect of one’s life improve just by getting enough sleep. If reading user reviews isn’t enough convincing, then trying it out first hand might just do the job. There’s nothing to lose, thanks to their free 30-day trial.

Puresleep Reviews






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