Chin Strap Reviews

In the United States alone, snoring is a condition that affects 80% of male adults and about 60% of female adults. It affects not only one’s health condition but also affects their loved ones who cannot enjoy a good night sleep because of the loud snore. Needless to say, there is a need to address this problem with an effective anti-snoring device.

True enough, there are tons of devices designed to stop snoring, but not all of them truly addresses the problem. Although anti-snoring mouthpieces and mouthguards are great devices, they are quite expensive and may not be the best solution for those with a limited budget. One device that stands out in the crowd that is both effective and budget-friendly is the very simple, yet very effective anti-snoring jaw strap or chin strap.

How it works

Basically, chin straps are used around the head across ears and around the jaw. The strap includes slits on the sides for the ears to fit nicely and for a comfortable slumber. This device works to stop snoring by extending your jaw and closing your mouth while you sleep. Its very mechanism may be very simple and easy, yet it works incredibly well.

Chin straps come in three different sizes to fit people with different head sizes. Although some versions do not have open slits for the ears, most brands now come with comfortable straps with open slits.

Chin straps, however, only addresses open mouth snorers. Nevertheless, statistics would reveal that about 80% of the snoring population are open mouth snorers. And most likely, you are an open mouth snorer looking for an effective remedy for your condition.

How effective can it be?

The effectiveness of a snoring device can only be attested to by those who have actually used the same. In my experience, chin straps are very easy to use, incredibly comfortable to wear and is also an effective anti-snoring device.

It should be understood that snoring occurs when the tongue slips back, thus causing blocked airway. When this happens, vibrations occur and this is what causes loud snoring. Needless to say, it is important for your tongue as well as for your jaw to be in their proper places to prevent snoring. As such, chin straps come in very effective in holding your tongue and your jaw in place as you enjoy a comfortable and relaxing sleep.

How to Use It

Unlike other anti-snoring devices and mouth guards, there is no need for any preparation in using chin straps. You can easily purchase the same and use it immediately! If you are not a fan of time-consuming ‘prep time’, then you will find chin straps very convenient to use.

Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) snoring devices might be a good option to prevent snoring, yet it comes with a very nerve-wracking ‘boil and bite’ procedure in order to use the same. Other anti-snoring devices, like mouth guards, may require you to undergo mouth fitting which can also be very time-consuming.

Fortunately, this is not the case for chin straps. You can easily use the same without any ‘prep time’ and it is very comfortable to wear. Cleaning is also very simple as you only need to wash the cloth, and then dry the same.


The cost of purchasing chin straps may vary, but it comes with a very reasonable price tag. Most anti-snoring devices may reach the price of $150, but chin straps will only cost you $59.99 per unit. The price may not be very cheap, but it will be worth it as the product truly works.

Pros and Cons

Chin straps, like any other products, also have their advantages and disadvantages. Of course, they do not come in perfect form and may have flaws in their functionality. Let’s start with the pros of using chin straps.

The most obvious advantage of using chin straps is that it is very easy and simple to use. There is no need for a ‘prep time’ and you can use the chin strap immediately. Cleaning is also incredibly easy. You can also keep or store the chin strap inside your closet or in a drawer and does not need any other special casing.

Chin straps also pose several disadvantages. One of the most apparent disadvantages is that you cannot breathe through your mouth. If you have nasal problems, chin straps may not be a good option for you as you will not get a bit of air through your mouth.

Why It’s Worth Buying

In my experience, chin strap is worth buying simply because it is an effective anti-snoring device. Also, I like the fact that I don’t need to go through any other procedure to use this type of anti-snoring device. I can easily slip it around my head and jaw and sleep comfortably. Waking up in the morning feels incredibly great and I enjoyed a very relaxing sleep. Overall, the product works pretty great for me considering that I am an open mouth snorer.

User Reviews

A great number of other users also found chin straps as an effective anti-snoring device. Some reported experiencing a little soreness after their first use, but this is actually normal. After several days, the muscles in your mouth and your jaw will become used to the device.

Some users also find its easy functionality as a primary factor in choosing chin straps, although they are not very comfortable with its price. But as they say, if the product works well then the price tag will be all worth it.

Final Words

Overall, I would give it a four-star rating. It is a positive one considering that it is a very simple, yet a very effective solution. What is great is that it does not require a more expensive upkeep, unlike other anti-snoring devices. The price is very reasonable and it truly delivers. Although the use of chin straps come with several disadvantages, its advantages greatly outweigh the same. So, it is definitely a must try product.







      Easy to Breath


        Easy to Clean



          • No side effects as jaw pain,etc
          • Comfortable to wear
          • Great benefit of weak or loose teeth or dental work done on teeth
          • 90-day money back guarantee with 3 months trial period


          • Comparetively expensive
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