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These days, there are many ways to resolve snoring issues. And one proven effective way to do it is by using a Mandibular Advancement Device. Zyppah is one example of it.

What it is

Zyppah is an anti-snoring product known for its distinct design. It is reputed for its sleek style where 2 mouthpieces are fused into one. Its featured jaw adjustment and tongue stabilization technologies will surely put an end to your snoring problem. This is made of 2 kinds of plastic, both are latex free and BPA-free. It is made in U.S. so you can always rely on its quality, passing the requirements of the country’s Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Jonathan Greenburg, its developer is a dentist by profession, who worked on his expertise for more than 3 decades. He devoted the last decade of his profession studying sleep apnea and snoring and finding ways to help people who suffer from such condition. Today, Dr. Greensburg is a successful owner of “Snore Mo More” centers in California area. These centers cater to sleep apnea cure which has been very helpful in aiding snorers. Dr, Greenburg also assured his clients that the device won’t do any damage to their teeth since he perfectly knows how to take advantage of such device without compromising one’s dental health.

What is so special about Zyppah

It resembles the snoring device used in the fiction movie; Batman. It is stylish, sleek with a touch of a modern look. The rubber band attached to the device will surely keep it stable in place. Meanwhile, its “boil and bite” feature custom fits comfortably to your teeth. All you need to do is to drop Zyppah on a hot water until it softens. Once soft, simply bite on it until it forms a impression of your teeth. Once it cools down, the mold will be permanent. If there is one downside about it, it is its lack of recessed tray which allows your teeth to glide to their proper positions. However, this is just a slight glitch and is well compensated by the comfortable fit that it offers. Following the instruction carefully will help you make the most of this product. Just give it a week for your mouth to get used to. And expect it to give you a natural feel, just like a normal extension of your mouth, even the tongue strap is something that you need not worry about,

How it works

Zyppah employs 2 ways to correct snoring issues. Such genius discoveries made this device the leading MAD product in the market. Knowing that majority of snoring issues are caused by loose tissue vibrations when asleep, Dr, Greenburg made use of the jaw advancement technique. It works to tighten the neck’s loose tissues and hold the jaw lower in a forward position. This also opens up the neck’s airways.

Another method used to empower the device is the “tongue stabilizing strap”. This is otherwise called as “revolutionary z flex technology”. It appears as an elastic band found at the back of the device. The device will help hold your tongue in place, preventing it from falling on your throat’s back part. Once the tongue falls back, it blocks the airway passage, causing difficulty breathing which leads to snoring. But none of this can happen if you use Zyppah.


• Perfectly eliminates snoring issues with its 2 in 1 solution.
• Discovered and designed by a professional dentist who invested time, money and effort to come up with such product.
• It is not bulky with its small and light build. Hence, it wouldn’t cause any discomfort on the muscles in your mouth and neck.
• Made from U.S. A., meeting the highest standard.
• Offered with 90 days money back guarantee
• Could last a year and even longer with proper care.


• Its lower tray is devoid of incremental adjustment.
• Not as affordable to its comparable devices
• Users may experience mild to moderate tenderness and discomfort on their teeth and jaw when worn.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

I could say that this is the best snoring device I have used so far. It helps solve your snoring issues, allowing you (and your bed partner) to sleep tight at night. Surely, this device can offer you straight 8 hours sleep with zero snore

-Jack Barnhurst from Salt Lake Utah

It’s a single device with combined 2 technologies. Hence, I couldn’t ask for more! But more than that, it is less obstructive and comfortable to wear, making it the best choice of MAD these days.”

-Sarah Harwood, Texas

I never thought I can find a perfect solution to my snoring issues. But when my wife complained about it, I started looking for a product that can put an end to my problem. I’m just glad I found Zyppah. With this, our nights with my wife have never been any better.”

-June Davidson, Las Vegas

Final Words

“Zyppah is the best anti-snoring device”. This is what majority of its users say. But you can never know it for yourself unless you give it a try. And you can sense its good quality as early as the package gets to your door. It is elegantly packed, making it great inside and out. True, it can be more expensive than many of its counterparts but as it has always been said in any business; you only get what you paid for. As with other products, it has its own flaws like the lack of recessed tray, falling short on the “adjustability” side. But this does not mean it couldn’t perform better. Its dual technology features makes it work very well on its double pronged approach. It is also less obtrusive when worn, giving you the comfort that you are longing for.

It’s time for you to weigh the pros and cons of using Zyppah. And I could say this product’s benefits outweigh its flaws. That is why this is the best choice you can have when it comes to Mandibular Advancement Device.







      Easy to Breath


        Easy to Clean



          • Made of BPA-free material
          • Designed by dentist, align with comfort
          • Airflow hole allows to breath through mouth while asleep
          • 30-day guarantee and free shipping


          • Denture tabs used for cleaning.
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